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Meme, though I don't know what it means

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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My princess Elizabetha gave me these:

Wolf - Those of my clan, and of my kind. Wolves resemble humans, but are developed higher. Forget artificial intelligence, or knowledge about technology. None of that matters, why can't you see it? Humans know that wolves are wiser than them. Mankind knows that they are wrong. But they are too proud to admit it - so they have to kill everyone who opposes the New Order of World.

I, the last Guardian of the Clan, will not give up.

Larp - My dear escapism. Live action role playing is something that has given me many things, and I don't mean just memories. Each larp is a subjective experience, therefore it can't be properly introduced to one until they decide to give it a try, and fully give in to it. I have learned something from each one of my characters, things I would never have learned on my own.

Thank you, Alfa, Luna, Annah, Raran, Carmen, and all the others I had a honor to meet.

Dolls - You were a doll, right? How I wished to be one of yours. We have gone through so much together. We even watched dolls fighting each others with watering cans and scissors. And now... from Puppet master to a puppet without strings.

The dolls. Would I take one?

M.E. -  A roleplaying campaign I was game mastering. It was first longer campaign ever held by me, and it succeeded it's missions, both in-and off-game. Nowadays, I would like to re-master it, perhaps with new people. I would do many things differently. But there are things I would definitely leave as they were.

Memories. Who could forget them?

Sousei Seki - The last but not the least, my original kodona idol, someone I looked alike perhaps three years ago. Nowadays I have partially given up the kodona style. Perhaps it wasn't for me after all. But if I would go for "man"-lolita nowadays, I would definitely consider aristo. Nevertheless, Sousei seki is much like Rei from Maria-sama ga miteru, and they both resemble me. Someone who might appear masculine on the outside, but who is extremely feminine from the inside. And, the following quotation will perhaps tell you what is a good way to make me appreciate someone:

"How nice of you, treating someone like me like a girl."

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